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The universe has always been an enigmatic place to human kind. It is said that eons ago, the only thing that existed was a dark, foreboding void. In time, however the Gods created the stars, the planets, and above all, life. This was their masterpiece work. Each God contributed a portion of their power to the creation of human kind....but....the Gods were betrayed by one of their own; The God of Time. After cursing humanity, and nearly driving the rest of the Gods to extinction, he was eventually sealed, and his powerful weapon was banished to the furthest reaches of the universe. But...there are other fearsome creatures that reside in the darkness. Evil things. Living nightmares that seep into this world from where our dimension meets another...

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Chapter 5 - Page 5:
Chapter 5 - Page 5:

July 21st, 2010, 7:13 pm

Ugh...more delays.

Alright guys, sorry for not updating for the last week. I had intended to get Saturday's update up, but knew it would be delayed. Unfortunately, I've been extremely busy and haven't had much of a chance...I've had to work for almost the last two weeks straight without a day off, so I've been trying to balance sleep and work. What's more, since last Thursday the Landlord has been tearing up the kitchen floor (something they had been talking about doing for months) which means they like us out of the building while they're working on it.

Don't worry guys, next page is almost done and should be up by the weekend. Really just have to finish inking a panel or two and then tone it.

Sorry for more delays. =(

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